Easter is without a doubt the most important event in all of Christianity. There are many reasons why, but it is best summarized as this. Easter is the main focus of the Biblical narrative and the climactic point to which everything builds and flows out of. What is that in English? Simply put, the Bible not only gives commands and directions, but tells a true story. The most important story ever recorded, man’s salvation. Have you ever stopped stopped think about the Bible as one continuing narrative? From Genesis to Revelations the Bible tells us about God and man’s relationship.

In Genesis we see the events of creation and the relationship that first existed between God and mankind, that they literally walk with God. We also see mankind’s choice to rebel against God. This action broke the relationship between God and mankind. However, even in the midst of such failure God offers hope. God tells them that one will be born from the like of Adam and Eve who would bring restoration. From there on we see examples of broken relationship with God, but we also see God reach out to fix the brokenness. God chooses Abraham from all the people in the world and promises to make him a nation. This nation only comes about from God’s intervention and through it God builds His nation. God sets them free of those around them and bring them to the land He promised. God gives them His law and the Passover, symbols of what is to come. He uses priests, prophets and judges to instruct the people and teach them about Himself. He also continues to tell the people of Messiah who will come to fix man’s relationship with God. Israel sins and draws far from God and finally He disciplines them, but still preserves a remnant. God brings them back to their land and is faithful to help them. Still they wait for the Messiah, who they think will bring His kingdom to Earth through military force, destroying all their enemies. However, God is focused on the Spiritual victory that they truly need, while as always, they only see the physical.

Finally, after thousands of years the Messiah comes. Jesus is born and fulfills every prophecy given by the prophets. He dies, taking all sin on Himself, and rises victorious over death. The whole Old Testament points forward to this. As Jesus said it testified to His coming. However, the story does not end there. Because of prophecy being fulfilled and the good news of a restored relationship with God, the disciples and early believers are mobilized by the Holy Spirit to bring the good news to all people. They suffer, preach, and most are killed for their faith. This too is rooted in Jesus. Everything they do and accomplish is because of His death and resurrection. The Bible as a whole is about this. The Old Testament looks forward to His coming and the New Testament reacts to the good news and the commands He gives. The Bible is the story of man’s relationship with God, how it was broken, and how God fixed it. Without Jesus, none of the Bible would matter as we would still be separated from God and without hope of restoration.

Easter is the time of year we remember the truth of Jesus death, burial, and resurrection. We remember the astounding cost Jesus paid, and we must be thankful for the restoration with God. We were once separated from Him, but now we can call Him father. Do not just pass this day by, and do not read the Bible as just a collection of stories. Every passage, every book, every word points to Jesus and the restoration of man to God. Let this truth be part of your life every day, and never take the good news for granted. Have a happy Easter because He has risen.


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