1 Peter Background

Well here we go into another book! Sorry it has been awhile, I have been traveling. We are now going to start 1 Peter and then we will do 2 Peter right after. These letters have much to say about what God desires of us. Take a brief moment to read the background and next week we will dive into chapter 1.


As the name suggest 1 Peter was written by Peter through Silvanus. In verse 1 we see it was written to the temporary residents dispersed in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia. These were areas in Asia Minor, known as modern day Turkey. The letter was likely written from Rome. Peter refers to it as Babylon, but most scholars agree this is just a metaphorical use as a reference to Rome’s growing sin and coming judgement. To date the letter, we need to look at the contents. Peter does not mention the death of Paul, so it is probable that he wrote before Paul’s death in 64 AD. The best presented arguments agree that Peter wrote sometime between 63 and 64 AD. It was written to both a Jewish and Gentile audience over a wide range of places. Looking at the letter as a whole it can be seen that Peter wrote for the purpose of reassuring their salvation, warning of persecution, and exhorting them to stand tall and to do good works. This letter has much to say on the type of works expected of Jesus’ followers. As you read, note these commands and seek to apply them to your own life.


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