New Commentary: Galatians

Sorry this is late, but I was sick all weekend. I wanted to start on the book of Galatians next and so I went through and did the background section for the book. You can read it below. I will likely publish chapter 1 tomorrow of Friday, but please go ahead and read the background today. As always, when it is done I will put it in the download section. God bless!

To begin with this background, we must first go to the book of Acts. The first time Galatia comes up is during Paul and Barnabas’ first missionary trip. Having been set apart and sent out by the church in Antioch in Acts 13 they then go on a journey through Cyprus and the region they called Galatia. This consisted of Lystra, Derbe, Iconim, Pisidia, and a few others. Paul would visit these again on his second journey and even picked up Timothy there. It was where Paul truly started the blessed ministry that God had set apart for Him. It was here he saw his first labor and his first fruit. Then, a controversy hit the early church, circumcision. The Jewish believers began to say that non-Jewish believers needed to be circumcised. Paul was against this as he knew the law and the Gospel. He knew that Christ had fulfilled the law and there was no need for circumcision. Paul contended for this in the Jerusalem as the church came together to work out the growing disagreement in the early church in what would become known as the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. The elders of the Jerusalem church agreed. Paul wanted to make sure that the churches he had help start on his first trip had an explanation of why circumcision was not needed and wanted to exhort them to continue in the faith they had started with. Paul wrote this letter to the Galatians to help correct false views and to encourage them to continue in the freedom given by Christ. The exact date it was written is still debated, but it was likely between 48 and 51 A.D. after the Jerusalem Council. Paul was invested in the Galatians and loved them. They were his first fruit and they were hit with controversy from those claiming to have authority of the church in Jerusalem. This was the emotion Paul wrote with and why he says the things he does. It was out of concern for the Galatians and a desire to see them turn back to the gospel. He encourages and corrects them as a loving father, desiring for them to come back to Jesus.


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