New Years

Well it has been while since I wrote a post for my website. There is something about the holidays that seems to run us off track. Not only did I fail to write, but my prayers became fewer along with my Bible reading. In short, I let myself become busy. I let the things around me keep me from God and there is no excuse for it. How many of us have done the same? How many times do we push God to the side without really realizing it? We need to be aware and combat it. There are always things that will try to take us from God, but we cannot let them. We must go to God daily and communicate with Him. Satan wants to keep us from this through any means necessary. Our time is something we value highly. If we really want to value God we must give Him our time. I pray that in this New Year you will join me in giving that time to God and doing everything we can to protect that time. I have finally finished my first commentary and it is available for anyone to download. It is under the downloadable tab at the top. Pass it on and share it with others.


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